Updated February 11, 2021

Outdoor Cooking Equipment

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What are Outdoor Cooking Equipment?

If you consider a hot dog skewer cooking equipment, you should probably just skip this section. But read on if you own a barbeque for grilling, a camp chef for other outdoor masterpieces, or a smoker for that perfect brisket cooked low and slow.

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🤔 Understanding how Outdoor Cooking Equipment affects your divorce.

Outdoor Cooking Equipment acquired during the marriage is usually treated as marital property. Assets acquired by one spouse but which the other spouse uses regularly during the marriage may also constitute marital property. You and your spouse will need to make the identity of each asset clear. You will also need to determine the present value of your assets to help you determine how to divide the overall value of your marital estate between you. If the asset is encumbered by a loan, you will need to identify the loan account number, the name and location of the lender, the loan balance, and the amount of the monthly loan payment.

As you consider how to divide the assets acquired during the marriage, it’s best to take into account the purpose and primary user of each asset.


Shortly after Jerry and Sally got married 9 years ago, they bought a gas grill at Home Depot. Since then, even though Jeffy is usually in charge of the grill, he’s also become quite the pit master using a newly acquired Traeger pellet smoker. Sally doesn’t have the patience for low and slow cooking so in order to achieve an amicable divorce, she suggests that she keep the gas grill and that Jerry keep the Traeger.

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