Worth Forgiving?

How to make people mad while helping others file for divorce online

We at OurDivorce.com have been very fortunate to have carved out an online divorce niche on TikTok. In fact, because our TikTok videos have viewed over 17,000,000 times, I’ve been called the “CEO of Divorce” and Jill Blankenship, my business partner and BFF, has been labeled the “Queen of Divorce”. 

It’s strange knowing that literally millions of people all over the world know my divorce story and why I launched OurDivorce.com; to help divorcing couples file for divorce online so they can get through it quickly and affordably.

In one of my most viral videos, I shared that I had forgiven my now ex-wife for her infidelity. This act of forgiveness outraged MANY people (mostly men) who all commented that she isn’t worth forgiving. I guess they’re serious since most of their outrage was delivered in ALL CAPS.

Was she worth forgiving?

FACT: if someone needs your forgiveness, then you believe they’ve wronged you in some way. 

The onus of forgiveness is always on the victim, not the offender. If you’ve been wronged, you alone get to decide to forgive or not to forgive. 

Some only forgive certain people for a specific set of offenses. Others reserve forgiveness for the outwardly repentant. And some forgive only after getting revenge.

I forgave for myself.

My decision to forgive was purely selfish

I believe that bottling up resentment and anger is like volunteering to have cancer. It may kill the host, but it will also damage everyone around the host.

So was she worth it? 

I have no idea. 

But I am. And I know my four amazing sons are worth it.

Forgiveness is a choice.

And I think I made the right choice.